Use cases

Creativity session, Training, Secured meetings.

Creativity session


The facilitator can prepare a « virtual room » beforehand by arranging whiteboards, notepads, sticky notes, and any useful elements that would stimulate the participants creativity.
The meeting room can be split in several workshops to facilitate work in subgroup.
At the beginning of the session, the facilitator communicates the meeting room code that will allow the participants to log in.
The facilitator can then explain the rules by activating a follow mode. After that, everyone can act independantly.
During the session the facilitator can share a mind mapping application in the virtual room and synthesize ideas developped in the meeting session.
At the end of the session, everyone can save the designs made and keep the results.
Meanwhile, the facilitator can replay the scenario infinitely by loading the initial meeting room.


Same scenario as above with the remote presence factor added.
Teams can share any software (office , design, 3D software, planning … ), upload any item from the web or their computer.

The facilitator is encouraged to perform regular activity checks to ensure that all the teams stay fully mobilized.

  • Laptops (Microsoft or MAC) or tablets (Microsoft)
  • Interactive Board, interactive or computer connected video projector
  • Audio system (loudspeaker), microphone, one webcam or more.


The trainer can prepare in advance a virtual room with the different elements arranged to facilitate the work on the topics to be adressed.
With Tamashare, you can create any “template” from other software.
For example, you can create charts , diagrams with Powerpoint . You can select any elements from the slide, copy then paste it in Tamashare . The element will then appear as an object in Tamashare .
It becomes easy to create all the elements you need to do your training.

The trainer communicates his meeting room code to participants of the training to start the session.
If it’s a software training, the trainer can share his or her screen then can ask each participant to do the same to replicate the exercise.
Note that students can also accomplish individual tasks on their device and use Tamashare as a restitution device.
Of course, all items are saved on the device of each participant at the end of the session.

  • Laptops (Microsoft or MAC) or tablets (Microsoft)
  • Interactive Board, interactive or computer connected video projector
  • For remote participants, make sure to have access to an audio system (loudspeakers), microphone and webcam.

Secured meeting

Tamashare is the ideal solution to finalize « sensitive » contracts, validate accounts or for all situations where confidentiality and trade security prevails.

Our encryption protocol allows users to securely exchange any elements, for not only the original elements remain on the device of the participants but their content is encrypted and never stored on an external server.

If several collaborators need to edit a document, we take the same approach as in a physical meeting room : display one or more copies of documents to work on. The document owner shares his screen to display the reference document. While participants are annotating, adding sticky notes and commenting on their versions of the document, the owner can easily update the original and all participants see the changes in real time.

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