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Before starting

Make sure you have the following devices:

  • An Internet connection
  • A microphone and a webcam
  • A mouse, even if the application can be used with the Pad, we strongly recommend the use of a mouse or a touchpad


The application does not connect (the Tamashare screen shows KO connection status).
  • If you are in a corporate network, the connection may be blocked by a proxy server.
    • Solution: You must either know what are the proxy settings or ask your IT department. You can open the Support section in the Settings thumbnail of the application to configure the proxy. It is recommended to restart the application.
  • Your internet connection is blocking ports that prevent the application from connecting.
    • Solution: check or ask your IT department to insure that the UDP / TCP port 443 is open on your network. These ports are used for communications software.
  • Your internet connection may be down?
I experience lots of deconnection during a meeting
  • If you are connected by wi-fi, the network fluctuation could be the cause of your deconnection problems.
  • Do you have a stable connection?
    • Solution: try another connection, such as a shared connection through your phone. Try another software (like Skype) to see if you encounter the same problem.
  • Test the quality of your connection here: You need at least 1MB upload and 2MB download to use in up to down.


Adding contacts: I invited contacts, but they do not appear in the contact list?
  • A user must download the application and create an account before being displayed in the contact list. Using the “Add a Contact” button will generate an automatic email to your contact with all the instructions to download the application and create the account.

Several possible causes for your problem:

  • You may have typed in an incorrect email address
  • Your contact may filter his or her emails, ask for a check of the spam folder
  • Your contact has not downloaded the application
  • Or your contact has downloaded the application but have created an account with a different email address.
Audio / Video: I passed all the audio tests, but other participants cannot hear me?
  • If your audience cannot hear you:
    • Either your connection blocks the flow (refer to the connection topic)
    • Or your contacts have not verified their settings (audio, microphone, webcam)
    • Or their connection is blocking your flow (refer to the topic connection)
    • In this case, please contact support by email ( or directly contact « Accueil/Home » user in the application. We will be able to help you deal with the problem in real time.
Documents sharing: when I drop a file, it does not appear in the collaborative space?
  • The file formats currently supported by Tamashare are: PDF , Word, Excel , Powerpoint and jpg , gif , tif, bmp, png.
    • Solution: try to share another document to see if the problem happens every time. If this is the case, you can restart the application and see if the problem still occurs.
  • Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) information: To allow us to display this type of document, Office software is used to do the conversion. It must be installed on your device to be able to successfully drop Office files.
  • If you still are unable to share Office files, you may need to update your Office software. Here’s the official link to perform this update: it still does not work properly once the update is complete, thank you to contact us at
Screen Sharing: I do not understand how it works?
  • Screen sharing behaves differently if you have one or more screens connected to the same device.
    • One screen: When you enable the feature, a « shared screen » element appears in the room. You will be able to move it to the place that suits you best on the workspace by using the « move » cross (top left). To enable sharing, click the white « Play » button at the bottom of the virtual screen: Tamashare will be reduced and you will project what’s on your screen to every participants in the meeting. To pause sharing, you can click on the button at the top right of your screen. You will return in the meeting room and the sharing screen element will display the last image you shared. To share again your screen, click on the pause button. To remove the screen, click on the delete icon in the menu bar and the shared screen element will disappear.
    • Two or more screens: In this case, the second screen will be shared. The shared area defaults to the entire screen (blue border around the screen), but can also be adjusted depending on what you want to show (resize button at the bottom right or « move » cross top left). To start projection, click the white « Play » button in Tamashare on top of the virtual screen. At that moment, you will see your second screen in the virtual screen and everyone can view and annotate your projection.
How do I get back my annotated elements ?
  • At any time during the meeting, you can retrieve a snapshot of the items shared (application, document, whiteboard … ). To do this, click on the item, select the « Export » icon from the menu bar. A file browser will open and you can retrieve the annotated file in JPG format.
  • Notepad and sticky notes information: When some text is present in one of these elements, you can retrieve the text by using the « copy » feature of your device and paste it in another software. ( Shortcut: CTRL V)
Follow mode: How can I use it? How does it work?
  • The follow mode allows the meeting owner to force the point of view of all users on his own: in free mode, all users can potentially see and do what they want.
    • As soon as the facilitator activates the “eye” icon on the right side of the media settings, all other users become “followers”, they can no longer interact with the objects on the table. They can still use audio or chat.
    • The facilitator has a “crown” icon added to his webcam, while others have an “eye” icon indicating that they follow him.
    • The “followers” can still adjust their views in the case of screen with different resolutions with the icons in the toolbar « + Zoom », « Back to the initial zoom level » or « – Zoom »
    • A facilitator can promote another participant to facilitator level at any moment during the session. To do this, he has to click on the picture of the participant in the webcam panel, and then click on the crown in the toolbar. At that moment, the other presenter can also activate the Follow mode for himself.

    In any case, if you have started the session, you can at any time take back control of all users.



My account and my licenses
  • Your Tamashare account is associated with the email address you used when you created your account.
  • You cannot connect to multiple devices at the same time with the same account.
    • After creating an account, remember to activate it within 48 hours or it will be automatically de-activated then removed from our servers. If you do not receive the activation mail, please check your spam folder or otherwise contact us at
    • Once activated, your account is in Freemium mode for 30 days. You will benefit from all the features of a paid version. Once you have reached this 30 days limit, you will still be able to create meetings, but you will be limited to 2 participants. You can still be invited by another organizer.
    • If you want to buy a license, you can directly visit our store and order one. At the end of the transaction, you will receive an invoice with your license number. This number must be registered in the application to become active. If you have any difficulties, please contact us at
    • If you have lost your password, the “forgotten password” link on the login screen will allow you to reset it. You will receive a link by email within 5 minutes of your request. If you do not receive mail, please look in your spam folder or otherwise contact us at


The application cannot be downloaded to your device or you cannot install it:
  • Some antivirus can block the download or installation of the application.
    • Solution: disable antivirus during the installation of the application
  • You may not have the necessary permission to install an application on your computer.
    • Solution: To install the application, you need administrator rights. Please ask your IT manager to allow or perform the installation

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