Standard meeting VS Meeting with Interactive screen, who wins?

Standard meeting VS Meeting with Interactive screen, who wins?

24 October 2018

Interactive screens

Despite time normally allocated to an exchange, meetings lengthen and quickly become a nightmare for employees. The stages of leading a good meeting are numerous, to such a point that it becomes a real organization issue for the leader.

In this article, you will discover the difference between a “standard” meeting and a meeting with an interactive screen. It will be about understanding how an interactive screen can completely transcend a gathering of professionals.


It’s not a secret, a meeting that should last 15 minutes can last 2 hours. Any minor change in the organization at the last moment risks lengthening the gathering and forgetting the principal objective.

A standard meeting can be between 2 and 15 participants. The more employees there are, the more likely the meeting will be unproductive and waste company money. The logic is simple: take the participants, each minute passed in meeting costs money, if a meeting takes hours, they are hours that the employees could have been using in a more efficient manner.

Among the participants, only some are active while the others must stay attentive. It is not uncommon to see a colleague pick their nose or only do something else while the meeting drags on.

In this case, the order of the day will be without doubt respected but the finality of the questions asked won’t really be treated. The employees will not feel involved, and will see the meetings as useless, which will have a detrimental effect on their work to come.


For a standard meeting to go over well, the leader needs a good organization ahead. They will have to pass several stages such as defining the objective of the meeting, preparing the order of the day, choosing the participants, choosing the place, etc…

Most tasks will demand a lot of time for a final result that risks being well below expectations. Like in a standard meeting, the leader will be the master of a meeting with an interactive screen. Only the resemblance between the two stops here.

Meetings with interactive screens will put the leader in the center of information, but also encourage the other users to be active. Contrary to a standard meeting, it does not lead to being passive while decisions are being made. The goal is to value the presence of employees by making their presence truly useful.

Put an end to improvised naps, a presence indicator on a software like Tamashare exists. As soon as it becomes translucent, this signifies that the user is inattentive in the meeting.

With the help of the interactive screen and adequate software, each participant can interact in real time on the document displayed. It is no longer a question of a single leader, but of multiple entities who work together on the same document. Whether it be with annotations, screen sharing or even more, the employee is in the end involved in a meeting with close to complete liberty.


More than just being less and less appreciated by the participants, standard meetings are also very costly. Between the location of large rooms, the need to have someone who takes notes all along to miss nothing and supporting papers to distribute, it’s a real financial burden for businesses with regular meetings.

A standard meeting who, at its base could help unite a team, is today an event that employees have a hard time accepting.

Instead, a meeting with an interactive screen proves to be a bargain to both save money and also increase productivity!

With a software such as Tamashare, employees feel involved in meetings. The more interaction between the participants, the more the meeting will have the chance of being fast and successful.

The interactive screen will also allow a better sharing of information. The participants will be able to access files in real time without needing paper. With Tamashare, there is no more need for someone to constantly take notes. A report is generated automatically after each meeting, where you will find all the annotations and documents shared.

It has been proven that at the end of a meeting with an interactive screen, the order of the day is well respected contrary to a classic meeting. From this, deadlines are better managed and employees are less stressed!


As you will see, meetings with interactive screen tend to develop in a close future.

As a business, this mode of operation brings renewal to decision-making. The exchange between participants is at the heart of the subject. It will become more easy for you to know more about the participants by directly involving them.

With the help of good software, the interactive screen will be a powerful ally for evaluating and analyzing problems in order to remedy them easier.

With a software such as Tamashare, no matter the place or the time, all participants will be able to be active, one as much as the other.

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