The Tamashare application, a remote digital collaboration!

The Tamashare application, a remote digital collaboration!

The 21st century is unquestionably the century of all the challenges of the digital world that is revolutionizing the classical way of working. Digital and remote collaboration: telecommuting.

Everything is done remotely thanks to high-performance applications using specific methods. Tamashare pushes the boundaries of remote work by creating an instant collaboration platform. How to apprehend the offer of Tamashare? Who is it for?

Tamashare: an application with innovative features!

The Tamashare platform optimizes the performance of all your business meetings and remote collaboration thanks to its multiple functionalities. The application is aimed at both individuals and professionals, and puts you in touch with your workgroup wherever you are with high-level action precision. You will have as functionality:

  • Digital animation tools

The application offers you all the possibilities to hold meetings in a virtual environment as if you were there in a classic and modern meeting room. You have a moderator who animates, organizes, orients the speech and gives the floor to the various participants or collaborators. The presence of the virtual animation tools of a traditional meeting such as the whiteboard, the post-it, the table and the veledas not only allow you to perpetuate your work habits, but to carry out your meeting remotely.

  • Virtual and customizable meeting rooms

You can create, customize, and save your virtual meeting room. This allows you whenever you want to change your framework and virtual collaboration. This feature allows you to prepare your meeting upstream.

  • Exemplary confidentiality

As in a traditional meeting room, Tamashare secures your virtual meeting rooms through the use of real-time servers for quality privacy. In addition, the application has a SAAS-type program that allows you to work or collaborate with external participants from your own structure in complete confidentiality.

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