Remote collaboration, a real subject!

Remote collaboration, a real subject!

When we talk about remote collaboration, we quickly think of task management platforms like Trello or other equivalent solutions. Although very useful for controlling everyone’s activities, most of the time it is an “asynchronous” use of everyone’s activities, but are we really talking about collaborative?

Post-it meeting, stand-up meeting.

Most companies realize that it is often much more efficient to have a 15-minute meeting every morning all together in front of a wall of post-it notes, rather than each keeping up to date with progress. water without necessarily seeing others.

A Tamashare project management room type SCRUM.

With Tamashare, the fact of being all together (at a distance or in the classroom), and let each participant express themselves in turn with several interests: Everyone sees himself at least once in the day, when we move a post-it on the board, we associate the gesture with the action and the commitment of the participant is stronger when it is done in front of “witness”.

As a result, the other collaboration platforms mentioned above do not quite respond to this point.

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