Moderation tools: what you need to know as a animator


When you start a meeting, you are the leader.
You have a crown that indicates it.
You have moderation tools that other participants do not see.

I take the floor:
When you click on this icon, the microphones and the webcams of everyone are automatically cut off. Participants only see your webcam and hear your voice.

I take control:
When you click on this icon, everyone follows your point of view. You are the only one able to create or share documents.
The participants are spectators.

I raise my hand (available for everyone):
When you click on this icon, you indicate that you want to show something. If someone clicks on the thumbnail, his or her point of view fits yours without being constrained. With this feature, participants can get your attention without cutting you off!

When everyone has arrived:
You can “lock your room” with the icon “padlock” icon at the top right.

By clicking on each participant’s webcam, access a quick action menu:

– Start a Chat
– Appoint other leader
– “Turn off the microphone” of the participants individually.
– You can exclude a participant from the meeting

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