Getting started with Tamashare

Lesson n°1 - Software installation

You can download the app on our website via the registration form

Lesson n°2 - Connect to the application

When you start the app for the first time, you can:
– Log in with your ID (email and password) that you used when you registered.
– Create an account directly on the app
– Access to the settings for the network

Lesson n°3 - Add new contact

You can add new contacts with the Add a contact button. Write your contact’s email address. They will receive an invitation email from you and they will be able to download to app. When they will be connected, they will appear with a green icon on your contact list when they will be connected.

Lesson n°4 - Settings

Click on the « Hamburger » menu to reach the settings. They appear on the left side of the screen. You can change section when you click on the upper band.

Lesson n°5 - Webcam Mode

The Webcam mode allows a secured connection between the participants to exchange by audio and webcam.

Lesson n°6 - Facilitator tools

On the bottom right-hand corner, there are 3 management buttons for the facilitator.

Lesson n°8 - Privacy Level

The privacy levels determines the meeting’s degree of confidentiality. As a confidential meeting, every extracted document will have a watermark on it. Moreover, a banner is displayed during the meeting and each participant must accept it.

Lesson n°9 - Navigation & Toolbar

In the bottom of the screen, you can create objects and import documents. This toolbar changes when you click on an element and offers functionalities for the object.

Lesson n°10 - Move items

Each object can be manipulated with the 3 circles at the corners of the object.

Lesson n°11 - Instant sharing

You can open a browser to share a file on the collaborative space. You can share content from a website or any app by copying/pasting on your computer or your tablet.

Lesson n°12 - Make a Powerpoint presentation

To make a Powerpoint presentation on Tamashare, click on Collaboration and open a new meeting. Choose the file you want to show and drop it on Tamashare. It instantly appears. You can use the toolbar to turn pages and note anything you want.

Lesson n°13 - Save & Export

At the end of a meeting, there is a PDF report that you can save and you can decide if other users can save the meeting report.

Lesson n°14 - Link & Pictogram

The « flag icon » is everywhere on Tamashare. It is an image bank and you can choose up to 8 pictograms for each object. The selected pictos appear under the object. In the picto menu, a blue band shows the selected elements.

Lesson n°15 - Share content from the web

You can share content from a website or any app by copying/pasting on your computer or your tablet.

Lesson n°16 - Screen sharing

When you click on the share screening button, a screen appears on the collaborative space. When you click on the Play button, you can share your screen to all participants.

Lesson n°17 - Visual Management

This room makes you import and export Excel files in Tamashare to make a dynamic table for every participant.

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