Distance education you unveils secrets!

Distance education you unveils secrets!

31 October 2018

Learning at a distance

Teaching at a distance, or how to make knowledge accessible to all types of profiles. We have all been there at least one time, it is not always evident to conciliate personal life with a new lesson. This is where teaching at a distance will show its importance as it will increase the range of possibilities. Thanks you this new system, traditional barriers of education fall little by little.


Have you ever felt frustrated from finding out that a class that interests you is either too far away, or during hours that don’t match with your schedule? If this is the case, this article should interest you!

Teaching at a distance is a learning process that favors learning despite a geographical distance between student and instructor. This function allows students to manage their hours flexibly and therefore ease their daily life.

With the help of new technologies, the goal is to permit any individual to start off the lesson they wish, no matter their location, hours, or lifestyle.

No longer need to be present in the flesh in a classroom, you receive your courses at your home! They are made available to you so that you can consult them whenever. Teaching at a distance will allow workers, mothers, or simply anyone with a packed schedule to be able to continue their education at their own pace.

The biggest advantage of a digitalized course is that the student can come back with whatever he wishes. No longer take notes that go in all directions, papers that can never be found again, the complete course is sent to give the student the biggest chance to succeed.


Numerous sites for learning at a distance exist right now: OpenClassroom and MOOC for example. But don’t be wrong, these are not the only ones to offer this.

Something that could be surprising, universities have become very fond of teaching at a distance. For a simple course, an exam, universities have entirely digitalized certain materials. It is here that the potential of this system becomes more and more important.

By using this process, universities allow one side to avoid an overload of students in amphitheaters, and the other to have a better surveillance of exams. Although these structures are only beginning to be used daily, teaching at a distance proves to be a real aide in large establishments with high attendance.

This procedure of teaching has several advantages as it one can envision considerable time gains for students. It pushes students to be totally autonomous in their work as well as prudent in managing their time.

Besides the side of true scholarly training, training at a distance finds also its place with businesses. In certain cases, employees are in constant displacement, and therefore have little time in person within the business. Lessons are therefore complicated to put in place or even impossible.

It is here that teaching at a distance becomes an adequate solution. To be able to continue to train employees all year round without constraints of location, will favor a positive evolution of the business.


This mode of operation shows many benefits for both employers and employees, but what about the more negative aspects?

Distance education extends the user to complete autonomy. If he decides not to be rigorous, no one will be there to watch him constantly. The freedom of work offered by this type of training can become dangerous if the student does not set himself a steady pace of work.

This is where motivation will play a more than major role in learning. As for telecommuting, the student will have to deal with some form of loneliness since in some cases the trainer will not always be available.

Your ability to organize, plan and meet deadlines will be the driving force for your distance learning.

Train effectively with latest generation tools

We’re not going to lie, keeping a person in teaching at a distance interested and active is not an easy task. For the teacher as well as for the student, a long duration lesson could become difficult to manage.

But don’t fear, Tamashare will become your new best friend for better managing your future lessons.

It’s a software that allows the collaboration of several on a single file, at the same time, but also and importantly, to separate multiple students into different tables to give them various exercise without one or the other having access to the work of the others.

The teacher finds all the possibilities of teaching that he has in a real class, and the students are no longer subject to constant solitude. Tamashare, with its audio and visual contact, assures a proper involvement of trained people.

It is not only about the multiple examples of possible functionalities of the software, imagine infinite possibility in your hands.

Let it be said, the future of effective teaching, whether remote or not, depends on a complete software like Tamashare.

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