Digitize your steering Tables

Digitize your steering Tables

Visual management or lean management is a management method that combines the desire to optimize the processes of the company but also to involve each employee in the process by setting up visual indicators directly displayed on the site. big white boards.

The representation of the indicators can take different forms according to the methods: Meeting SCRUM, KANBAN, 4P, etc …

In recent years this mode of management is growing and affects any type of business.
More regular short meetings where everyone is standing and where everyone will associate a gesture with commitments, post-it removal, pen tagging, to-do list …

Thus, all employees are seen at least once a day and everyone is the “witness” of everyone’s commitments.
With the change of work organizations (telecommuting, coworking, multisites), the difficulty of facilitating face-to-face meetings is increasing!

The combination of an interactive screen with the application Tamashare can meet this need.

By proposing a virtual room where all the indicators are digitized (post it, paperboard, notepad, spreadsheets), remote and face-to-face participants see exactly the same thing and above all can interact simultaneously as if everyone was together at the same in law. The virtual room becomes a portal of real-time collaboration to associate all participants from anywhere.

Above a quick explanatory to create your visual management room in 5 minutes.

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