A meeting at its rules!

A meeting at its rules!

As we often say “who forgets to prepare, is preparing to be forgotten! This is also true when you have to prepare a meeting with a lot of participants.

It is usually facilitated by a facilitator, with an agenda. It is punctuated by presentation sequences but also moments of common reflections around problems that require collective reflection.

All this is organized “naturally” as long as the animator keeps control. Recall that we can be attentive on the same subject without interaction for 15 minutes maximum, so imagine the result on meetings of 2 hours without participation.

With classic software like Skype, it’s hard to drive a meeting. As soon as there are more than 3 participants, we cut the floor and often we take much more time than in a physical meeting to arrive at a constructive result.

Tamashare offers extremely simple animation tools to find the codes of conduct of a traditional meeting. They allow to animate, channel, optimize and release the speech of the participants.

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