5 Tips for succeeding in telecommuting

5 Tips for succeeding in telecommuting

29 November 2018


It’s no longer a secret, telecommunicating is becoming more and more popular. Now more than ever it is put into practice and companies are already feeling it’s numerous positive effects.

Now that a simple oral agreement between employer and employee is sufficient, the person telecommuting must show their boss the confidence that they agreed on.

Today in this new article, we will give you 5 tips to succeed in telecommuting. Don’t panic, we will guide you!

Mix performance and productivity with organization by objective

The biggest enemy of telecommuting is disorganization. Whether it be at your house or in a coworking place, it is very easy to get mixed up in work or on the internet. Don’t lie, Netflix has tempted you more than once…

Our first tip, which is without doubt the most important to succeed in telecommuting, is to organize. It’s now or never to put things in order for work, but also in your environment.

First, give yourself fixed hours. Even if telecommuting offers a huge amount of liberty with scheduling, try to keep a rhythm close to the one you would have in a normal office.

Why? More than preventing yourself from being completely out of place from one day to another, your family will respect your privacy at work if you are active in normal hours. Take advantage of not having to spend time travelling by resting a little more before going to work.

Second, organize yourself with stages of objectives. To avoid disorganization, wait to have finished a task before starting a new one. With this method, you will feel like you are advancing in your work, which will have a positive effect on the rest of your day.

One of the biggest risks of telecommuting is tiring out. Numerous software exist to organize missions, don’t hesitate to use them to list everything that you have already done, and what you still have remaining.

A work environment clearly defined for better concentration

I won’t lie to you, after having tried it for many months, I strongly advise against telecommuting in pajamas on the couch. Other than being embarrassing if your boss asks for a videocall, psychologically you will not be in the right mind to optimally concentrate.

Our second tip is this: prepare yourself as if you were really at work. It’s not a secret, your daily morning ritual before going to the office must continue. Your body as well as your brain will put itself in condition to carry out your objectives of the day.

Another point not to neglect is your environment. It is not always possible to set up, but if you can, dedicate a room to telecommuting. If you spend the whole day working in your living room for example, you won’t feel any separation between your professional and personal lives.

What appears harmless at the beginning, can prove very long in the long term. Over time, you will appreciate greatly having a real separation between your family and your business.

The feeling of solitude avoided thanks to a reinforced social bond

Telecommuting implies isolation. Unless you go to a coworking space, you will be for the most of the time, alone at home.

To overcome the solitude, we recommend you continue to maintain a relation, even virtually, with your colleagues. Now, numerous software of Visio conference, chat, and collaboration exist.

The more the employee feels isolated from the business, the more the two parties will suffer. You risk feeling unmotivated after some time, which will reduce your productivity for one part, and for the other part will create a real division in the cohesion of the team which will spread a negative atmosphere around the business.

It has been recognized by numerous studies that the more that employees felt involved and valued in a business, the more their productivity increases.

Don’t mix telecommuting and being sedentary

At the office, you are always moving, whether it be to get a coffee, to discuss with a colleague, manager, etc. Whereas with telecommuting, everything stays in a proximity and your body is no longer solicited with physical exercise.

Never forget that your productivity and your creativity depend highly on your well-being. Continuing to move regularly is very important for your body but also for you in general. Exercise will allow you to relax and get rid of stress.

Use, for example, the time that you would have spent commuting to exercise. Positive effects guaranteed!

Tele-working and well-being, the perfect combination

As explained above, your well-being will play a major role in your work. Tele-working allows you to have more time for you, so don’t hesitate and take advantage.

A study has shown that with a day of telecommuting, it is possible to have up to 45 minutes of extra sleep without counting the time that you will have for your family or going out.

It is therefore important to create a real separation between your work hours and your relaxation hours to maximize how you can profit from this time gained.

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